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Unanticipated repair expenses can mean significant out-of-pocket costs. HomeLift of America offers service plans that give you the peace of mind protection against unplanned repair costs and provide for long trouble-free service your lift was designed to deliver.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a service agreement when my lift is covered under warranty?

The manufacturer covers defective parts only under their warranty period (normally only one year from date of shipment). HomeLift of America covers the first year labor warranty. The warranty does not cover preventative maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer. Lack of maintenance could void the warranty.

A service contract from HomeLift of America will not only prolong the life of the equipment, it will allow you to avoid unexpected and expensive repair costs in the future.

Why should I buy a service agreement at the time of acceptance?

Not only do we offer a full parts and labor coverage plan, we also offer reduced rates for new equipment installed by HomeLift of America. In addition, our plan guarantees your cost for the term of the agreement making it inflation proof for you. Our Gold and Silver Plans are extended parts and labor warranties including the preventative maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer.

The purchase of our Bronze Plan will at least provide the recommended preventative maintenance required and give you the peace of mind that your lift is in safe operating condition.

If I do not have my lift serviced, what could happen?

Your limited warranty could be void if the manufacturer’s recommended preventative maintenance is not performed. In addition, you may expect costly repair expenses due to equipment failure and the inconvenience of unexpected breakdowns. Service anticipates replacement of wearing parts before equipment becomes inoperative. Regular maintenance and lubrication will prolong the life of your equipment and keep repair costs to a minimum.

How much do repairs cost if I do not purchase a service contract and my lift is out of warranty?

Repair costs vary by service companies and tend to increase each year. With today’s advanced technology, repair costs have risen and will likely continue to do so.

Most companies charge a fixed labor rate per hour and additional charges for parts, overtime, travel expenses apply. The cost of one out of warranty repair can exceed the cost of buying a new equipment service contract from HomeLift of America.

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